Mission Statement

Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

The Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce is organized to foster economic growth and to advance the commercial, industrial and civic well being of the community through a strong, expanding business base.

Vision Statements
The Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce, (CACC) is a nonprofit association of businesses members and supporting associates. Founded in 1954, we are currently celebrating over fifty years of business and community service. The Chamber is the welcoming ambassador for the community while promoting, developing and protecting the Colfax Area’s tourism, local economy, businesses, community and historical and natural resources. The Chamber services and represents local businesses while providing a visitor center, networking meetings, regular events, educational seminars, a website and newsletters, special bulletins, marketing brochures and other economic development tools.

1. Create a Healthy Business Climate. Create a healthy business climate and positive reputation in the community through chamber support and advocacy of businesses, schools, and civic organizations.

2. Develop Our Local Resources. Develop and support our unique local human and economic resources by utilizing our strengths such as recreation, tourism and our historical and locomotive past.

3. Create an Awareness of Local Benefits. Create a broad understanding and appreciation of the Colfax area and the Chamber’s role in promoting business networking, opportunities, and business-to-business communication.

4. Create Awareness of the Importance of an Attractive & Viable Business Community. Foster an attractive and viable trade area by promoting and encouraging businesses to use good business practices, make improvements, establish longer and consistent hours.

5. Create an Accomplished and Self-Sustaining Chamber. Generate sufficient income and member participation to carry out the Chamber’s Mission and Vision statements through city support for services, grants, increased member support, events, paid staff member(s), increasing volunteer base and selling Chamber products.